5 Things To Keep In Mind While Redoing Your Kitchen

Things To Keep In Mind While Redoing Your Kitchen

Remodelling a kitchen is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a lot of research and careful planning to build a kitchen that suits you and your requirements best.
We’re sure you may have already gathered ideas, samples, Pinterest references and general information on what you want for your ideal kitchen, but it’s always smart to take a small step back and consider the larger picture before going ahead.

There are certain things that you absolutely must consider before redoing your kitchen and we think this list can guide you through them.

Inspiration: Find and lock in the way you want your dream kitchen to look. Browse through magazines, books, websites and even other homes to understand what you like best and what would work for you. Focus on the efficiency of your kitchen to start with and then add in accents according to your sense of style.

Budget: It’s not the most fun to think of your finances and their respective allocations but it’s necessary. Redoing your kitchen can be a very expensive affair. So, decide on how much you can and want to spend and stick to it. You want a beautiful and effective kitchen, but you also don’t want to have to sell your house for it.

Layout and Design: Do your research, consult with a professional and develop a rough layout to work with initially. Talk to friends, read up and really understand what works best for you. The flow, accessibility and effectiveness of your kitchen will fully determine your output while you’re in it.

Contractor: Look through your local database and find and hire a contractor that understands your vision and suits your budget to perform the renovation. It always helps if you already have a friend or acquaintance in the industry. 😉

Lighting: Often overlooked because we’re too busy focussing on the fancy appliances and slab stone, one should know that lighting can make or break the way your kitchen looks and functions. Try and incorporate several different types of lighting into your kitchen, including recessed, pendant, and under cabinet mounted task lights.

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Let us know if this list helped in the comments.

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