5 Tips To Help You Bake The Perfect Cake

5 Tips To Help You Bake The Perfect Cake

Who doesn’t love cake? Though the recipe seems simple, at the end of it we often find ourselves left with a lump of badly cooked batter. Whether you’re baking with cake mix or baking cakes from scratch, these helpful tips are all you need to bake the perfect cake.

– Measuring is KEY! Measure flour and other dry ingredients exactly. Use a knife or other flat surfaces to level off dry ingredients in a measuring cup or spoon. Don’t eye-ball it, that rarely works.

– Generally, the cake batter should fill the pan by at least 1/2 and not more than 2/3, unless otherwise instructed. This is so because cakes tend to rise, you don’t want your cake spilling out of the pan now, do you?

Allow the oven to fully preheat first. The cake needs to bake at the right temperature, no shortcuts. Pre-heating is more important than you’d think, it creates the perfect temperature for the cake to rise to its full potential.

– Cool cakes upside down. This will flatten out the tops, creating easy-to-stack disks for layer cakes. If the top of a cake is still too rounded, slice it off with a serrated knife.

– Avoid using cold eggs. Sure, we know to bring the butter to room temperature, but it’s just as important for eggs—otherwise the mixture won’t emulsify properly.

– Make sure your pans are lubricated. If they aren’t your cake batter can stick to them and your cake can fall apart after baking. Imagine following each step perfectly and ending up with a ruined cake just because you didn’t butter the pan.

That’s all for now, folks. Let us know in the comments if these tips helped you. You should consider baking if you haven’t tried it, it can be very therapeutic (and you end up with a delicious treat).

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