6 Ways You Can Add Color to Your Kitchen

Ways to Add Colour to your Kitchen

What brings us joy irrespective of our age? Fireworks, swimming pools, confetti, all things related to colour. Adding a little colour to your surroundings can have a long-lasting effect on you. So why shouldn’t your kitchen become your favourite source of joy?

Here are 6 ways you can add colour to your kitchen:

1) Add a little green to your kitchen with a touch of nature. A succulent on the kitchen counter or an English Ivy hanging over your sink or by the window is a great way to make your kitchen a little bit greener, even in an ultra-modern setup. Not only do plants add colour to your kitchen, but some plants like the Chinese Evergreen are known for purifying the air by removing toxins. You can even grow an indoor herb garden right by your windowsill.

2) Use food as a source of colour in your kitchen. Customize your cabinets and pantry based on the foods you store in them with a little DIY art. Colourful labels bring life to otherwise monotonous kitchen shelves. For instance, label baking supplies using colourful sketch-pens on white post-it notes to make confetti or chocolate chips. Food + a little creativity = joyful kitchen.

3) A signature piece of art on an otherwise empty wall is a simple way of adding colour to your kitchen while keeping it as minimalistic as possible. It can be a painting, a tapestry or even a little gallery of your pictures.

4) Making just one big colourful change in the kitchen can breathe new life into it. If your kitchen has a window, a colourful set of curtains can change its entire appearance. Repainting a single wall a different colour from the other walls can also transform the look of your kitchen.

5) Add some colour to your lighting. Not only can you switch up the colours of your bulbs, but you can also spray paint your light fixtures a bright yellow or a warm orange to make your kitchen look more welcoming.

6) Colourful accessories can go a long way in making your kitchen lively. Opt for colourful cutlery, kitchen towels, table mats, and even fresh flowers to brighten up your kitchen.

Go on and add joy to your life, after all at home, your kitchen is where you spend a lot of your time.

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