7 Kitchen Essentials for People Who Love to Cook at Home!

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  • A good knife: Owning a good chef’s knife can make your chopping experience feel like you are slicing through air. A major (and boring) part of cooking is cutting and prepping ingredients, and a good chef’s knife can make that job faster and easier.
  • Measuring cups and measuring spoons: A small confusion between teaspoon and tablespoon can mean the death of your dish. Same goes with using 50 grams of an ingredient you were supposed to use 30 grams of. Measuring cups and spoons will go a long way in helping you follow a recipe. If the dish still tastes bad, blame the recipe!
  • Grater: Grater definitely ranks high in our list of essentials. Whether it is used to grate cheese over your delicious pasta, or ginger for your cup of tea, the grater does a great job.
  • A good cutting board: Cutting vegetables or fruits atop a plate or your kitchen platform may damage it’s surface. It is always good to have a cutting board handy to avoid formation of fine lines and cracks on other surfaces.
  • Non-stick pan: A non stick pan has multiple purposes. It can be used to make a stir-fry and then used again the same night to heat the said stir-fry without needing any lubricants such as oil or butter. It is also one of the easiest kitchen appliances to clean.

Electronic Appliances:

  • Mixer Grinder: The mixer grinder is one appliance that will make your kitchen life easier. Mixer grinders have numerous functions, ranging from making purees, and juices, to grinding masalas.
  • Rice cooker: While you are busy cooking other dishes, the rice cooker does its job without needing to be checked on. Load it up with the right amount of rice and water, and let it do what it does best – cook your rice.

We hope this helped you out in the kitchen! Let us know in the comments!

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