Häcker Kitchens – The Right Cabinet

Häcker Kitchens - The Right Cabinet

After a long, fulfilling day of work, you come back home super excited. Guests are coming over and that means that you finally get to use your new crockery set. It’s made of top quality bone china, is elegant & classy, intricately designed with attention to every detail. Guess what? It’s also lying broken at your feet. And then it strikes you. While installing the top cabinet in which your precious china was stored, you didn’t calculate its height with reference to yourself. Instead, it was in reference to the 6ft tall, lean carpenter’s frame. The poor crockery had to suffer for it.

Exaggerated everyday scenarios aside, such errors are more common than you think. So whether you’re supervising a renovation, or starting from scratch, here are a few points you can keep in mind while installing cabinets & storage units in your kitchen:

  • Begin with the budget – The right cabinet is a blend of practicality & following your heart. Decide on your budget for the cabinets and you can take it from there to the end result of a minimalist look, or an extravagant avant-garde affair.
  • Browse catalogues & samples – Browsing & shortlisting options is recommended even if you have a detailed idea about how your kitchen cabinets should look. Physically browsing designs gives you a clear idea to better translate your vision into reality.
  • Put some thought into the theme – Now that you’ve browsed and shortlisted cabinet designs, look at your kitchen from the vantage point and envision the difference your cabinets will make to its appearance. What’s the theme going to be? Classic, minimal, modern or a mix of everything?
  • Lock down the look – Your cabinets may be outstanding, but they don’t need to stand out from the rest of the kitchen. Ensure that the cabinets go well with the rest of the elements in the kitchen.
  • Focus on function – You know better than anyone the main purpose your kitchen serves. Your aesthetic should help make your experience in the kitchen convenient and smooth. With the many design options offered today, you can focus on the kitchen’s functionality without compromising on your desired aesthetic.
  • Customize sensibly – Customize the placement of the cabinets based on their usage, as well as based on the people who will be using them.
  • Include every inch – An efficient kitchen setup will make things super easy for you, so it becomes imperative that you optimise all the space in the kitchen, including the corners.

Remodelling your kitchen doesn’t have to be as daunting a task as you think. Just ask all the happy Häcker Kitchens customers!

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