Homemade Frozen Delights

explore your kitchen with Homemade Frozen Delights

Summertime means heat, sweat, and the scorching sun. But we’re going to look at the cooler side of things – (you guessed it) summertime also means frozen desserts! And you can make your favorites right at home. Here’s how-

  • 2-ingredient no hassle ice cream

Yes, you read that right. Using just 2 basic ingredients, you can whip up 50+ flavors of ice cream right at home. Take heavy cream & condensed milk when they’re still at a cold temperature and whip them together till the mixture becomes knot-free. Add vanilla essence and whisk till it is completely mixed. With this, your vanilla ice cream is ready. You can now add more flavors to this mixture and get strawberry, chocolate or even cookie & cream flavored ice cream!

  • Iced tea popsicles

The sun is too draining sometimes, to the point that iced tea isn’t enough. You definitely need some iced tea popsicles! All you need is popsicle moulds and your favorite iced tea. Put the iced tea into the moulds and put them to freeze overnight. And there you have your iced tea popsicles ready to help you cool off!

  • Literally frozen yogurt

This is one of the easiest ways you can DIY some frozen dessert at home. Take a store-bought flavored yogurt. Without opening the packaging, make a tiny cut on the cover, enough for an ice cream stick to fit in. Do the same with as many yogurts as you desire and put them in the freezer for a few hours. After around 5-6 hours, take the frozen yogurt out and cut the packaging open. Enjoy your frozen yogurt!

Making these frozen desserts at home is a fun task to do as a family. Try these recipes in your Häcker kitchens and let us know which one is the coolest in the comments below!

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