Of Kitchens, Hosting Holiday Parties and More!

With the festive season fast approaching, be prepared to mingle and entertain guests. Go ahead and take initiative, invite friends over for dinner, and make hosting easy for yourself, with simple tips and hacks courtesy of Häcker kitchens India.

Set a menu well in advance

For a pre-planned party, decide upon the cuisine and menu based on the kind and number of guests you are planning to host in advance. This will help minimize last-minute problems and will ensure that you have enough food to serve everyone.

Keep your pantry stocked

No Indian festival is complete without visits from friends, relatives, and neighbours. Keep your pantry fully stocked with crowd favourite snacks, both sweet & savoury. This will be useful while entertaining guests who drop in for a surprise visit.

Practice smart plating

Hosting is fun, but cleaning up dishes after is not. Serve food in serving platters or even boxes which snacks come in to reduce the number of dishes that go in the sink. For drinks, use paper cups with cute labels for your guests to identify their drink even after the first serving. This will also reduce waste.

Pick out fun accessories

Themed napkins, creative menu cards, colorful tablecloths and mats, all go a long way in adding a personal touch to the party.

Bond with food

Put a bonding activity or two in the itinerary. Making sweets together, blind tasting, and making drinks for guests based on just 3 questions can make a night of mingling more fun.

We hope these tips help you throw a successful holiday party. Happy hosting!

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