How to Maintain Your Modular Kitchen

How to Maintain Your Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchens are quickly taking over India. Not only are they extremely convenient, they also add a certain style quotient to your house. You can customize a whole lot when it comes to selecting a unit to install in your kitchen – from material to hardware.

Use Space Intelligently: The most wonderful thing about the modular kitchen is the amount of storage space that is available. It is easy for a kitchen to get cluttered since it is one part of the house that is used multiple times in a day. Grouping utensils and creating separate areas for those groups can help keep your kitchen organised. Example: A separate area for all your baking related items, separate area for the utensils you use on a daily basis to cook, etc.

Wipe it down once a week: Cleanliness is Godliness, this we all know. The only area that requires focused cleaning is the external hardware on your cabinets, cupboards, etc. A simple wipe down of the storage units and open surfaces using a wet cloth can help keep your kitchen looking new.

Lay down paper: This is a life saving tip. Laying down a sheet of newspaper on the surface of your cabinets/drawers can prevent dust from accumulating and getting into difficult corners. Simply switch the paper out once in two weeks, and your storage spaces will remain dust free!

Get rid of stubborn stains with this concoction: Combine equal parts of water and vinegar. This solution will help you get rid of all the stubborn stains on your modular kitchen.

How to Maintain Your Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are very low maintenance. If a certain part of the kitchen sustains damage, it is easy to switch that part out without dismantling the whole kitchen. They are also easy to manage and clean. The next time you’re thinking of remodelling your kitchen, you should consider going the modular way, or better yet opt for Hacker Kitchens.

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