This Could Be Your Kitchen #1

This could be kitchen 1

How many times has this scenario happened: You’re sitting in front of your TV on a particularly lazy day, watching a random movie you came across while browsing, and BOOM! You see the most beautiful kitchen you’ve ever seen. This kitchen, you want in your house. Heck, you’d let this kitchen BE your whole house!

We at Hacker believe that you have the right to pick and choose your favourite themes, colours, designs, etc. Take this white kitchen that you are currently looking at, for example, isn’t it like one of those kitchens you see only in movies, except – it’s real and available to you!

Here are some interesting things about this kitchen:

  • No external hardware. Nothing is sticking out for you to stub your toe on or hit your knee against. Everything is clean and sleek.
  • This modular kitchen comes with a kitchen island. Absolutely perfect for entertaining small groups of people (or for literally anything else).
  • This kitchen is so clean looking, you could do anything with it! Change it up with artwork, or take the minimalist approach and keep it sleek – it’s up to you.
  • Every colour (ever) goes with white. You could change up the theme of your kitchen whenever you wished to.
  • Since it’s a modular kitchen, it is extremely easy to clean AND install.

Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful?

Think about it. THIS could be YOUR kitchen!

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