This Could Be Your Kitchen #10

This could be your kitchen 10

Lack of color is passé – colors are in! Colors add different layers to every aspect of your life. Color can mean peace, hunger, happiness, anger, love, and whatnot! Look at this classic style Häcker kitchen for example. This combination of white wood and velvet purple screams regal and drama. Pick what you like because this kitchen could be yours!

Need more than just setting your eyes on this kitchen to want to make it yours? Alright then, here we go –

  • Use of space doesn’t always mean filling it entirely. While the kitchen island and the counters all don’t take too much space, the feeling of the space lingers in the entire room. Less is more.
  • We love the cute brick wall above the sink. It not only acts as a change from all the wood and the purple, but is an accent piece due to its placement and the lighting fixtures. Which brings us to…
  • The lighting is minimal, giving center stage to natural light and the resulting contrast from the difference between the purple and the wood.
  • It’s a cozy little setting with an armchair and a dining area, right in the kitchen.
  • The velvet purple color is dramatic, which is a welcome change as far as kitchen designs are concerned.

You do know that a lot of this kitchen can be customized to your tastes, right? Add a sofa, a comfy chair or a different type of dining table – the choice is yours. So what are you waiting for? Add some color to your life, and perhaps a little drama too. Don’t just imagine, this kitchen could really be yours.

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