This Could Be Your Kitchen #3

This Could be your kitchen 3

Did you know – Incorporating colour in your kitchen (both food and decor), will colour you happy? Take a look at this beauty. Isn’t this the liveliest kitchen you’ve seen in a while?

Imagine this, you wake up, and you don’t want to. Nobody wants to. Waking up is hard. But you wake up anyway, because you’ve got to work. And you walk into this kitchen. This beautiful red kitchen – and you realise, you’re awake. You don’t even need your coffee anymore – the bright colours have woken you up, besides you’ve pinched yourself to make sure this was, in fact, your kitchen.

Here’s what’s awesome about this kitchen:

  • Have you seen cleaner storage designs? Everything is sleek and looks like it belongs there.
  • This modular kitchen has slide out corner units that ensure easy access to everything within. No more struggling to get to things that are pushed into a corner.
  • The light fixtures are built into the cabinets. Isn’t that genius?
  • It has an extended kitchen island. Everybody loves kitchen islands. They’re perfect.
  • It’s extremely easy to wipe down and clean.

There are of course, a million other wonderful things about this kitchen. To find out more get in touch with us or visit our showroom.

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