This Could Be Your Kitchen #7

This Could be your kitchen 7

Some things just never go out of style. Through fashion or art, some elements keep coming back, revived with every new generation. Pastel is one such evergreen trend. Pastel hues are generally associated with spring and brightness thus bringing about happiness, and they never go out of style. And why should they? Look at this beautiful pastel turquoise kitchen, for example. Refreshing, isn’t it? A little bit of spring for your very own house, all year round! If you need more reasons to find this kitchen soothing, we’ve listed them out:

  • Cabinets galore, this vibrant kitchen is not only a delight for the eyes, but is also paradise for those of you who have all the things in the world but very little space. Fit in a tiny world in your kitchen with these pretty cabinets.
  • The shutter on the left provides full coverage to any important items (read: candy you don’t want to share) that may find a home in the kitchen.
  • The light fixtures are at the most prominent spots, while leaving space for you to customize.
  • You know what goes with pastel? More pastel! Add pastel accessories of complementary colors to make this kitchen even more colorful.
  • Efficient customization is a lifelong Häcker Kitchens commitment. Customize parts of this kitchen to your taste and needs.

Add more happiness to your favorite room in the house!

And think… THIS kitchen could be YOURS!

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