This Could Be Your Kitchen #8

This could be your kitchen 8

December is almost here, bringing along with it greetings of the cold season of winter. Before you know it, Christmas will come knocking at our doors. All these Christmas movie marathons that await us talk about the spirit of giving, the warmth of love, and the happiness that comes with sharing. At Häcker Kitchens, we are feeling a little inspired by the holiday cheer that comes with December, and after feasting on Thanksgiving movies, it is right that we welcome the joy of the holiday season into our kitchens too!

Look at this super inviting warm hued kitchen! Don’t you just feel tempted to step into the picture, put on a kettle, pour yourself some hot tea? If you still need to think before nodding your head in agreement, let us help you out!

Just imagine, this kitchen could be yours. And here are all the reasons why that would make your Christmas even merrier:

  • Picture Christmas decorations hanging around in this absolutely pleasant little place. Makes you feel absolutely giddy with joy, doesn’t it?
  • This space looks like it’s straight out of a Christmas special movie. But here’s the plot twist, this kitchen could actually be yours!
  • It’s spacious, allowing you to have baking marathons with your whole family. All those Christmas cookies aren’t gonna make themselves!
  • Orange and gray are the new black! This combination of the two, at least. The tiles are earthy yet contemporary, while the cabinets and counters are a modern minimalist’s dream.
  • The kitchen island is the perfect place to lounge around with your family and discuss holiday plans over breakfast.

If you need more convincing, just think of this – this kitchen could be your own little reminder of the festival that is life not just on Christmas, but throughout the year!

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