Appliances That Conserve More Energy

A kitchen has multiple appliances running at the same time, such as a fridge, microwave, oven and many more appliances. Although it is required that we use appliances everyday, there are certain steps that we can take to conserve energy and reduce our carbon footprint. 

  1. Freezer – The freezer is an appliance that consumes the most energy in a kitchen. The solution to reduce energy consumption is to keep the freezer full with food items, as it consumes less energy if there are food articles in the freezer rather than an empty freezer.
  2. Fridge – The fridge is a machine which comes in second place when it comes to consuming maximum energy in the kitchen. A simple step of closing the door after you take your food out would go a long way. As it will consume more energy to bring the temperature down.
  3. Electric Hob – An electric hob consumes a lot of energy as well. Covering the pots and pans while cooking saves a lot of energy. 
  4. Microwave – An appliance that saves the most energy is the microwave. The usage is daily but for a shorter duration. Which inturn helps in saving energy. 

The above appliances are few of them that we use on a regular basis. We also use dishwashers, kettle, toaster etc., that consumes more energy and causes harm to the environment. Let us make sure that we use our appliances well but maintain caution towards the energy consumption. 

Hacker Kitchens uses appliances by Miele and Siemens which are energy efficient appliances. We also design kitchens with built in appliances to save space and have contemporary designs. Design your Hacker Kitchen, visit

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