Improve Your Shelf Space

Shelf, an essential storage space. Hacker Kitchens have made shelving options easy. Open shelves are a great option to have your crockery on display. Mix it up by choosing different options as shelves. This is just one way to use shelves, let’s go through a few more possibilities-

Organize your shelf – 

Organizing your jars of cooking supply, gives you another level of satisfaction.  It also gives you an idea if you are running short on ingredients. Although shelving requires dusting, the stylish look is worth the extra effort.

Open wall cabinets –

Instead of open shelves, give wall cabinets a try. It provides a smarter option for shelves, you have more space and more items can be on display, making your life a tad bit easier. 

Wall to wall shelving –

Wall to wall shelving is a stylish feature that will dominate your kitchen in a good way. 

Not just wall shelves –

Why restrict yourself to walls for shelves? You can opt for using one side of your island as an open shelf.  Have the same pattern as your wall shelves, and you have more storage area.

Don’t leave corners –

Corners are a cheeky way to add more storage. You can install shelves, display cookbooks and other trinkets making it a display space to admire.

Want more storage ideas? Visit to know more.

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