Summer-fy Your Kitchen!

Summer-fy your kitchen!

Each season brings with it a different palette of colours. We associate maroons, oranges and browns with autumn; whites, greens and reds with winter and warm yellows & blues with summer.

It doesn’t matter what size your kitchen is, you can always dress it up for summer. You don’t necessarily have to go all out when it comes to incorporating a season in your decor. Here are a few tips that will help you summer-fy your kitchen without shelling out big bucks:

  1. Add paintings: Kitchen is where you make art (food) which is why art belongs in the kitchen. Add brightly coloured paintings to your kitchen to bring in the joy of spring and summer.
  2. Kitchen plants: There is no better time than summer to start your own kitchen garden. Check out this blog on kitchen gardens if you finally decide to take a plunge this summer.

    Also, read about – 6 Tips to Help You Build A Pretty Cool Kitchen Garden

  3. Lay out bowls of fruits such as bananas and oranges to add splashes of colour to your kitchen. You could also throw in a couple of lemon/orange slices in your water bottles to stick with the summer aesthetic.
  4. There is nothing that screams summer more than a vase filled with flowers, and you don’t necessarily have to use real flowers. Buy faux sunflowers and gardenias to lighten up your kitchen.
  5. Adding a summer (lemon, rose, spring) scented diffuser can really help complete your kitchen’s summer transformation.

Just incorporating one or two of these tips can help you revamp your kitchen. If you decide to try any of these out, make sure to share pictures and tag us in them.

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