This Could Be Your Kitchen #2

This Could be your kitchen 2

If you live in a house (which most people do), you’d know that there is not a single day where you don’t visit your kitchen. Even if it is just to get some plates on which to pile your take out. In this scenario, doesn’t it make sense to invest in an amazing kitchen? Today we bring to you a special Hacker Kitchen – a kitchen that has storage for days. And the best part is, even if you don’t store anything in the seemingly unlimited storage options it has, the kitchen still looks finished and awesome!

Interesting things you need to know about this kitchen:

  • The green! THE GREEN! Look at it. It’s so beautiful. As we’ve mentioned before, you could choose to store or display things only on a few shelves, and your kitchen would still look put together.
  • Nobody would have thought of pairing this ashy colour with royal green – but WE DID! And isn’t the combination wonderful? Everything in this kitchen complements everything else perfectly.
  • Kitchen Island. Need we say more?
  • Easy to clean and easy to customize! You don’t know what to do with that small handmade pot you picked up at that exhibition on a whim? No worries – you can use it to decorate your kitchen! Everything always works out!
  • Since this is after all, a modular kitchen, you could replace certain parts or fixtures that sustain damage without dismantling your entire kitchen. Now, that’s just cool.

If you like it, come and get it!

THIS could be YOUR kitchen!

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