Utilize Your Small Spaced Kitchen

The idea of designing a small spaced kitchen seems hopeless. We usually assume, not a lot can be done when you have a small space. Hacker Kitchens has solutions just for that.

Choose integrated appliances –

Appliances are very important in a kitchen. Unfortunately, if you own a kitchen which is constricted in space, it will be occupied mostly with appliances. Hence we suggest choosing the appliances which you will use regularly.

The easiest way to solve this problem is, integrated appliances. Not only will this save you space, it will give your kitchen a modern touch.

Choose to declutter –

We tend to have a lot of utensils and extra bits for the kitchen, making the kitchen look cluttered.

The easiest solution to declutter is to store things away. As it is a small space, have a pull out organiser, drawers and cupboards. This will allow you to keep your kitchen organised and clutter-free. When it comes to drawers, take another step forward and have cutlery inserts. Makes life a lot easier.

Opt for a simple colour scheme –

Having a small space and painting it with dark colours will make it look more constricted. Hence, opting for pastel palettes , soft greys, blush nudes will leave an impression of a bigger and brighter kitchen. 

Use your space well-

When space is precious,make every inch count. Use corners for storage space – rotating corner storage is an easy way out. If cabinet & drawers are in short supply, wall storage is the next best alternative. Choosing this and adding a personal touch by adding your favourite crockery, will highlight your small yet modern kitchen.

Have a kitchen with spacious or constricted space, Hacker Kitchens will design the space with everything necessary. Know more –www.haecker-india.com


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