What Makes A Kitchen A GREAT Kitchen

What Makes A Kitchen A GREAT Kitchen

Whether you love to eat or love to cook, the kitchen is your best friend. If you’re someone who cooks often, you’ll know that a perfect kitchen doesn’t exist. There’s always something or the other sticking out, or the counter space isn’t enough. Or worse, you can’t reach the shelves. But all these issues can stay in the past. Let Häcker Kitchens tell you what makes a kitchen a GREAT kitchen. In order to be great, the kitchen should –

  • Be easily accessible – A well designed kitchen follows the triangle rule. The 3 ends of the triangle are the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator. The distance between these 3 elements should ideally be less than 20 feet so that you have easy access.
  • Have enough elbow room – There should be adequate space between the sink and the stove. Corners aren’t an ideal working space for any kitchen. It’s recommended to have your sink & stove a few inches away from the walls.
  • Have smooth ventilation – Cooking can result in many different kinds of smells and a lot of heat and smoke. Even one window is enough. A chimney is also a good source of ventilation.
  • Have apt cabinet space – A great kitchen has storage options for all kitchenware. Shelves, drawers, and cupboards are required for cookware, cutlery, special crockery, serving dishes, small appliances, cleaning goods and more kitchen items.
  • Have considerable counter space – An ideal kitchen should have enough counter space on both sides of the stove, as well as the sink.
  • Be a Häcker kitchen – If you’re looking for your ideal kitchen, look no further than any Häcker kitchens.

Get your own ideal kitchen from Häcker. And guess what? You can customize it too! If you need more information on what a great kitchen looks like, feel free to check out designs here

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